Breakfast in Amman

Pancake and Waffle House amman

Wondering what to have for breakfast? Want something sweet? Maybe not too sweet? But you get the idea! Going with the same breakfast routine can be boring sometimes. A little change sometimes is good. Maybe change your options for breakfast or the atmosphere.


One way to do so can be going out. Trying new restaurants with new yummy menus! Pancakes and waffles are some interesting options when searching for a sweets breakfast restaurant in Amman. Well, if you are looking for a place with such characteristics. I suggest you grab your keys and drive straight to Abdoun. 


Why Abdoun?

Besides its strategic geographical place and its nearness to many areas in Amman. It has a quite cool place to chill at and enjoy mental clarity with the sound of morning birds. Pancake and Waffle House, a place where you can find creative soothing breakfast, dessert, and lunch menu options. 



How About Getting More Information

About the Restaurant?


Pancake and waffle House offers you a variety of breakfast and lunch options. Ranging from omelettes, pancakes, crepes, and waffles to burgers, sandwiches, and desserts. Consistency and quality are basic standards when it comes to serving food. Everything serviced is fresh and made to please your taste with reasonable and quite affordable prices. 


Moving on from this point to take you on a tour in and outside the restaurant to show you the ambiance and environment that surrounds it. Pancake and Waffle House is nicely decorated from the inside with indoor and outdoor seating that fits your comfort. A free parking lot is located right next to the restaurant. No valets are needed since the parking is spacious and can hold a quite good number of cars in it. 


The staff work hand in hand to deliver orders on time with a smile. One standard rule is followed here when it comes to dealing with customers; “customers are always right”. The restaurant’s team tends to be attentive and caring. Since most above all, customer satisfaction is what matters. 


When it comes to the location. Directions are easy to follow and won’t get you lost. Moreover, it is on google maps! Who doesn’t know how to deal with google maps?! Well if that was the case, you can always ask and contact the restaurant via phone or through social media accounts. You will get the answer you want immediately. 



To conclude what have been said in the previous paragraphs if you are looking for a place where you can feel that you relate and belong. In addition to having unforgettable vibes and food experience. Guess the answer will be Pancake and Waffle House.

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